Innovation and Translation


Our lab has been active in patenting and technology transfer. Among the following patents or invention reports, some have been filed as United States (US) patents and licensed by biotech companies. Contact Prof. Jianyu Li ( if you are interested in our technologies.

(10) Shengyun Huang, Ran Huo, Jianyu Li, Viscoplastic nanocomposite conductors, Submitted Report of Innovation (2022)

(9) Shuaibing Jiang^, Guangyu Bao^, Jianyu Li, Cell-crosslinking constructs and method of use, Submitted Report of Innovation (2022).

(8) Sareh Taheri, Guangyu Bao^, Jianyu Li, Luc Mongeau, Porous double-network hydrogel, Filed for US Provisional Patent (2021).

(7) Guangyu Bao^, Luc Mongeau, Jianyu Li, Hemostatic microstructures bioadhesives to halt noncompressible hemorrhage, Filed for US Provisional Patent (2021).

(6) Zhenwei Ma^, Jianyu Li, Injectable, Printable, and adhesive tough hydrogel, Filed for US Provisional Patent (2021).

(5) Ran Huo^, David-Michael Philipps^, Sam Selmani, Jianyu Li, Bioreactors for biomechanical characterization, Filed for US Provisional Patent (2020).

(4) William Whyte, Ellen Roche, Garry Duffy, Keegan Mendez, David Mooney, Conor Walsh, Jianyu Li, Dolan Eimear, Sandra Rothenbucher, Spatial and temporal control of drug release in response to a mechanical stimulus, Submitted (2019).

(3) Guangyu Bao^, Luc Mongeau, Jianyu Li, Tao Jiang, Hossein Ravanbakhsh, Huijie Wang, Joseph M. Kinsella, New strategies for 3D printing of highly porous chitosan scaffolds for soft tissue engineering, Submitted (2019).

(2) Jianyu Li, Adam Celiz, David J. Mooney, Biocompatible adhesives and methods of use thereof, US Patent App. 16/086,631 (2019).

(1) Jeong-Yun Sun, Xuanhe Zhao, Widusha R.K. Illeperuma, Kyu Hwan Oh, Joost J. Vlassak, Zhigang Suo, Jianyu Li, David J. Mooney, Interpenetrating networks with covalent and ionic crosslinks for extremely stretchable and tough hydrogels, US Patent App. 15/172,549 (2016).